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We understand there’s a lot to know when it comes to road construction safety. So we’ve developed a quiz with hints to help you understand how to safely approach a road construction or snowplow zone. The more you know, the better driver you’ll become—plus you’ll help increase the number of positive experiences for road construction workers.

Once you pass the quiz, you’ll be entered into a draw to win 10% off driver training and free gas for a year. And don’t worry—if you don’t know the answer to a question, we’ll provide a hint.

Always assume workers are present in a road construction zone
Question 1 / 15: True or false: Sometimes road construction workers are hidden behind equipment
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Drivers convicted of speeding through construction zones pay twice as much.
Question 2 / 15: True or false: Drivers convicted of speeding through construction zones will be subject to double the fine.
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Snowplows cannot reach the speeds your your vehicle can.
Question 3 / 15: True or false: A snowplow in operation (blading or salt/sanding) can only go a maximum speed of 50-60 kilometres per hour.
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Whether or not the sun is out, road construction zones happen at any time.
Question 4 / 15: True or false: Road construction only occurs during the day.
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Drivers speeding through a road construction zone face more than a fine.
Question 5 / 15: True or false: Demerit points will be a applied to a driver's record if convicted of speeding through a road construction zone.
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Ensure it's safe to drive past the obstacle by yielding to oncoming traffic.
Question 6 / 15: If your lane is blocked and no one is directing traffic, the best approach is:
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See more than the vest
Question 7 / 15: According to this campaign, when you enter a road construction zone, you should:
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Speeding through a road construction zone is dangerous for everyone-including your vehicle.
Question 8 / 15: True or false: Fresh oil, loose gravel chips and uneven pavement can be dangerous and cause damage to vehicles travelling at high rates of speed in road construction zones.
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511 Alberta will let you know the road conditions at all times. It's always best to be extra prepared.
Question 9 / 15: True or false: It's a good idea to carry an emergency road kit in your vehicle and check 511 Alberta for the current road conditions before you travel.
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Road construction workers deal with many negative experiences, but they have some positive ones too.
Question 10 / 15: Road construction workers sometimes face:
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There are more than 100, but less than 1000 collisions in road construction zones every year in Alberta.
Question 11 / 15: How many collisions occur every year in Alberta road construction zones:
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If you are convicted of speeding through a road construction zone, only your fine will be doubled.
Question 12 / 15: True or false: If you are convicted of speeding through a road construction zone, your demerits will be doubled.
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The more time and space you allow a snowplow operator, the better.
Question 13 / 15: True or false: Drivers should allow snowplow operators the time and space they need to do their jobs.
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Texting and driving is illegal at any time.
Question 14 / 15: True or false: It's okay to text when you're stopped in a road construction zone.
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Outer zone 1 is the most advanced outer zone that provides the first heads up to drivers.
Question 15 / 15: Outer Zone 1 is:
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Contest Rules:

  • One entry per person
  • Entrants of all ages with or without a valid drivers license may enter the draw
  • Prize is limited to Alberta residents
  • Odds of winning the prize depends on the number of successful entrants
  • Entrants must pass a skill testing question to win the prize
  • Draw will be held on May 31, 2018 at 12 pm MST
  • Only the winner will be contacted

The Numbers Don't Lie

All year long, Alberta’s road construction workers and snowplow operators suffer too many incidents and fatalities. When you choose to see more than the vest, you help to reduce negative experiences-for the workers and for you. These statistics are derived from three years of cumulative data. We hope your generation will be the one to lower these numbers. The generation that improves-even saves-the lives of our road construction workers.

Harassment and abusive incidents towards road workers in 2017
Road construction zone collisions last year
Lives lost in work zones over the past 5 years
Number of Injuries in work zones over the past 5 years
Percentage of drivers that speed through work zones daily
46 %
Possible fine for speeding through work zones
$ 900

Join Us

Formed in 2003, The Partners in Road Construction Safety (PIRCS) is a concerned group of public and private sector organizations with the goal of reducing the more than 900 collisions and millions of dollars in property damages that occur every year in road and utility construction zones in Alberta. Throughout the years, we’ve done a lot of great work in reaching our goal-and that progress wouldn’t be possible without our partners.

Interested in joining us? We’d love to have you on board. Send us an email directly.