DO…Turn on your head and tail lights during heavy snow or rain—even during the day.

DO…Use winter tires for extra traction.

DO…Watch for flashing amber lights. Snowplows can be hard to see.

DO…Give snowplows lots of space—at least 10 car lengths. Salt, rocks and other flying debris can decrease visibility and hit your vehicle.

DO…Be patient and take your time. When it’s safe, the snowplow operator will pull over to let you to pass.

DO…Cautiously pull over to the right when you see a snowplow approaching from the opposite direction along an undivided highway.

DO…Give snowplow operators a wave when they pull over to let you pass. They clear the roads to keep us safe.

DO…Remember snowplows stop at railway crossings to make sure it’s safe to cross.



DON’T…Assume the snowplow operator can see you, especially if you’re driving too closely and visibility is poor.

DON’T…Pass snow plows. When you attempt to pass a snowplow, you put yourself, your passengers, other motorists and the snowplow operator at risk.

DON’T…Tailgate. Tailgating any vehicle puts you at risk of a collision. Tailgating a snowplow can have life-threatening consequences.