Know How to Roll

These hints will help you pass our road construction safety quiz and qualify for our draw.


1) Road construction safety is a year-round obligation.

2) Each year in Alberta, more than a few—but less than one hundred—fatalities and injuries occur in road construction zones.

3) There are more than two, but less than four outer zones that you will pass through before entering a road construction zone.

4) Outer zone 1 is the most advanced outer zone that provides the first heads up to drivers.

5) Outer zone 2 falls between the advanced warning and the buffer area.

6) Outer zone 3 uses objects to protect road workers and equipment.

7) Everyone should slow down in poor weather conditions—especially during our coldest season.

8) There are more than 100, but less than 1000 collisions in road construction zones every year in Alberta.

9) Always assume workers are present in a road construction zone.

10) Speeding through a road construction zone is dangerous for everyone—including your vehicle.

11) Snowplows cannot reach the speeds your vehicle can.

12) Drivers convicted of speeding through construction zones pay twice as much.

13) Drivers speeding through a road construction zone face more than a fine.

14) There are at least three severe consequences for driving more than 50 km an hour through a road construction zone.

15) The more time and space you allow a snowplow operator, the better.

16) You will always be given fair warning prior to entering a road construction zone.

17) Flag people are present to safely and legally guide you though a construction zone.

18) Whether or not the sun is out, road construction zones happen at any time.

19) Ensure it’s safe to drive past the obstacle by yielding to oncoming traffic.

20) Texting and driving is illegal at any time.

21) The fine for speeding 1-15 km over the speed limit through a road construction zone is over $100.

22) Road construction workers are people just like you.

23) 511 Alberta will let you know the road conditions at all times. It’s always best to be extra prepared.

24) Road construction workers deal with many negative experiences, but they have some positive ones too.

25) You’ll do just fine in a road construction zone by slowing down and paying attention to signs.

26) See more than the vest.

27) If you are convicted of speeding through a road construction zone, only your fine will be doubled.

28) Stay in your lane when you are approaching a road construction zone.

29) Snowplows have flashing lights that let you know they’re present.

30) You won’t be stuck behind a snowplow for very long—be patient, safe and courteous.

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